Cloud Services

Solutions for a distributed workforce

IT Infrastructure Services

We will plan and deploy the right infrastructure for your needs

IT Support Services

Experience Our Famed Support Service. We do not stop till your services are back up and running.

Business IT Consultancy Service

Talk to us about your business ideas or challenges. We can bring years of insight to support your ideas and strategies.

Diro is an innovative and creative Information Technology solutions company providing world-class technology services to enterprises.

With expertise in building enterprise infrastructure and solutions, we also handle procurement and training for our clients. Started in the UK in 2008, Diro expanded our operations by registering in Nigeria the following year and finally started full operations in Lagos in 2012 and have since expanded to Abuja and Enugu operational bases to be able to reach every part of Nigeria.

Business Communication Services

We make it our mission to utilise the merging of technologies to provide business improvements, better efficiencies, and an overall more streamlined end user experience for our clients.

Business IT Consultancy Services

With an IT consultant working alongside your business, you’ll receive an expert assessment of your current IT strategy and receive invaluable advice on what you can do to maximise your business’ IT efficiencies in line with growth expectations.

Cloud Services

Whether you need to migrate between providers, purchase a SaaS solution or migrate an entire system to the cloud, we provide the advice and requisite support you need to succeed.

IT Infrastructure Services

. Our technicians make informed decisions about looking after your IT infrastructure based on your business goals, employee size and growth plans, helping to improve your business operations

IT Support Services

We provide full suite IT support and maintenance services for your business, working either as an entirely outsourced IT team or in partnership with your in-house teams.

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Our Vision and Mission

We have a vision to build on our successes and experience to deliver consistently high-quality services to our customers.

Our mission is to be recognised for outstanding quality service delivery and inspire the growth of quality in service delivery wherever we operate.